On October 18, 2021

Calgary, Be Part of the Energy!

By Working Together, We can bring a Sphere of Influence, Vision, Inspiration, and Positive Energy to Ward 12



In 2017, Teresa Hargreaves ran for city council and came in second, next to the incumbent, and now retiring, Mr. Shane Keating.

This was a great experience, and she looks forward to representing Ward 12 in the 2021 Election. Teresa was born and raised in the City of Calgary and has been a resident of Ward 12 for over 25 years. As an active volunteer, Teresa has left her footprints with Hockey Calgary as a City Coordinator, volunteered with Scouts Canada, and participates in community events. Teresa currently sits as a Community Board Member.


Outside her desire of being part of the city council, she is the CEO and Project Manager of a Calgary-based consulting firm. Teresa’s roles include Project Management, Negotiations, and Professional Landman for various companies, where she works with numerous stakeholders; including municipal, regulatory bodies, and the public. Teresa has always maintained personal and career-driven ethics, conduct and ensures her education and business skills are current.

You can play an important role in our communities by supporting Teresa at the polls. Let your voice be heard in City Council for Ward 12. 


Teresa would like to personally thank you for your support, ongoing influence, and rely on your donation(s). Working together we can create a strong vibrant ward.

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Thank you!


Why You Want Teresa on City Council?


  • To develop and implement plans to create growth and opportunities, for our younger generations

  • Building a foundation for allocation of city resources so we, Ward 12, can benefit

    • Taking preventive safety measures, ensuring sufficient budget and resources

  • Collaborate with local businesses focusing on alternative ideas and options to generate a strong economic presence

  • Continue my involvement within the area by actively sitting on the Community Board as Councillor, attending various meetings and events


  • Take responsibility to gather and address the top priorities identified by the residents of Ward 12

    • Communicate a beneficial and informative plan of action 

  • Find alternative solutions and involve the constituents for their opinions and feedback

  • Bring forth decisions made by the majority of the residents even if it means taking risks


  • Facilitation, mediation, stakeholder engagement, and public consultation

  • Utilize my personal business skills as a Professional Landman and Project Manager

  • Negotiate and formalize legal agreements to govern operations

  • Development and implementation of business requirements and processes to streamline workflows

  • Strong budgeting and financial skills, adaptable to change